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Pay and Pensions Survey Outcome

Published 25th September 2019

The results of our survey on pay and pensions have now been received and they are as follows

93% support LGPS being offered to all if they qualify
95% feel that NJC terms should apply across the sector
81% are offered a pension if they qualify; of these
60% are on LGPS
15% are on NEST
13% don’t have one
12% have other arrangements

There are also:
60% on NJC terms
31% on NJC terms changed and adapted by their Council
9% on others

These responses were drawn from 23.5% of the membership - thank you to all for taking part in this survey.
The ALCC National Committee have considered these results and made representations accordingly to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC). NALC have been asked to:
  • List this for discussion at all the relevant forums that NALC has
  • To impress upon all the councils who affiliate to NALC the strength of feeling among clerks on these areas
  • Seek agreement to offer LGPS and the NJC terms to all staff.
NALC have so far acknowledged the survey results. ALCC will consider their response when received and will keep you updated on latest developments.


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