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ALCC working hard for its members

Published 15th June 2018


The ALCC Employment Support team are continuing to work hard to support its members in employment situations. This is no better illustrated than by the following extract of the workload of just one employment support advisor during the month of May, which demonstrates the many varied issues being dealt with:
  • 3 complaints of bullying by more than one councillor at a council
  • 7 complaints of bullying by one councillor
  • 2 disciplinary actions commenced against a Clerk
  • 1 helping a Clerk with staff problems within her Council
  • 1 Clerk under threat of dismissal because she tried to persuade her council to act lawfully
  • 1 advising re annual leave during maternity leave.
  • 4 Clerks with less than 2 years’ service & therefore minimal employment rights dismissed.
  • 2 attempts by councillors to unilaterally vary a Clerk’s contract of employment.
  • 1 termination of a Clerk’s employment by the council during the Clerk’s probationary period.
  • 1 advice upon a Clerk’s long-term sickness
  • 4 grievances submitted by Clerks.
  • 1 assistance with negotiating a change of working hours
  • 3 settlement agreements whereby Clerks have left their employment
  • 1 advice regarding possible redundancy.


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