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Your Terms & Conditions


Your ALCC trade union is very disturbed to learn of a proposal in the NALC National Council Papers for its meeting on 28th March that NALC issues a new template contract to its members replacing the nationally agreed Model Contract with significantly worse employment terms and conditions for local council officers. This draft has not been discussed with ALCC or the other local government unions.  Nor as far as we have been able to ascertain has any County Association Officer been consulted on this. Our colleagues in County Associations are best placed to judge their local pay climate and to advise NALC on appropriate terms and conditions for their area if the national terms are considered unsuitable. ALCC believes that a strong national agreement underpins the professionalism of the role of clerk and is essential to attract and retain the right professionals for our communities.
The proposed terms remove entitlement to the enhanced terms provided under the National Joint Agreement (NJC or Green Book) – this affects sick pay, annual leave and parental pay entitlements.  It only offers the minimum 28 days annual leave including bank holidays, statutory entitlements for sick and parental pay. All clauses relating to home working which affects many members have been removed.  It fails to address the issues around the implementation of the National Living Wage and its impact on our pay scales. This table summarises the main issues you need to be aware of:


2011 Model Contract

NALC Proposals

Annual Leave

21 days plus bank holidays and 2 extra statutory days rising to 25 after 5 years service

28 days including bank holidays

Sick Pay

up to 6 months full pay 6 months half pay depending on service

Statutory Sick Pay but only if you earn over £116 otherwise no entitlement

Home working

clauses setting out employers responsibilities

no mention of the situation let alone your employer's obligations


Incremental scales or spot salary with review mechanism

Spot salary with no indication of any review mechanism

Hours of work

Provision for extra hours worked

No mention of how this would be addressed

Parental Pay

Green Book terms

No details of entitlements

If this proposal is adopted that it will cause much confusion and, although it should not affect existing contracts, we believe many councils will seek to introduce this for both existing and new employees.

ALCC is dismayed by this action on the part of NALC as it does not represent good practice in employment relations and believes it indicates a desire from NALC to withdraw from its role representing town and parish council employers in nationally agreed pay negotiations.  NALC and SLCC signed a protocol in 2014 which included increased joint working on best employment practice – despite the SLCC’s efforts there was little engagement by NALC and its current refusal to recognise ALCC continues this trend.

As there is insufficient time for this to be discussed by your Council, who NALC represents, I ask you as a matter of urgency to contact your County’s representative on the NALC National Council before 27th March as an individual.  Please press them to vote to defer this item until such time as meaningful engagement with trade union representatives of your profession and full consultation with County Officers has taken place. Your email should be sent via your County Association so that they can pass the correspondence to your County’s Rep in time for the meeting on 28th March. 

You may wish to use the template letter:
Click here to view the NALC template letter

This is a most serious matter and we are working actively with colleagues in Unison, Unite and GMB to resist any change to your national terms and conditions.


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