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Member Benefits

Why should you choose ALCC?
Association of Local Council Clerks (ALCC) is the only independent trade union dedicated to supporting people working in the local council sector across England and Wales.

We are committed to serving the interests of our members and stand for their right to be respected, listened to and treated fairly whilst at work. Our members benefit from professional support, advice and representation, in accordance with our approved terms of service, as well as the strength and security which comes from working together to tackle problems.

Join our community today and get the professional support you deserve.

What are the benefits of joining ALCC?

  • Supporting you – we provide professional, independent employment support and advice.

  • Improving your pay and conditions – we strive to secure and maintain the salary and working conditions that you deserve.

  • Lobbying on your behalf - we represent your interests by actively negotiating with employing councils and their representatives.

  • Providing you with a trained, experienced and accredited companion at meetings with your employer concerning your employment.

  • Providing you with affordable membership – this year we are offering current, full members of the SLCC, a £40 membership subscription of the ALCC. For non-members of the SLCC we have capped our membership fee at £60 per year. Click here to find out how to join the ALCC today.

Click here to download the membership benefits leaflet.

What our members think of the personal employment support previously provided by SLCC and now available only to ALCC members:

“Thank you VERY much for all your assistance in bringing this matter to a positive conclusion.  I honestly couldn’t have done it without your help.” Jane, Assistant Clerk, Kent

“Thank you for the support I had at the latter part of 2015 when I had problems with one of my Councils after nearly 17 years’ service.
The SLCC advice team (who are now the ALCC advice team) came to my rescue and their help and support was invaluable.  The matter was resolved in my favour and I have drawn a line under those dreadful few months.”
Kate, Parish Clerk, Essex

“The advisory service have been very helpful to me in recent months in particular over a difficult employment matter . I have found that the advisors were well informed and extremely supportive." Richard, Town Clerk, Oxfordshire

"The ALCC Trade Union is important to me as I can access bespoke advice tailored specifically to support people working in the local council sector. There are initiatives that the ALCC will take on board such as part time working issues, lone working, bullying, pay for clerks and working from home, which will support the sector and the clerks and other support staff that work within it." Tracey, Town Clerk, Lincolnshire

"None of us goes into a job thinking we are going to need an employment adviser or a union representative. I didn't until recently when I had to call on the Employment Advice Service. I have a Council with a positive employment attitude; they have employment policies and procedures, and an active staffing committee meeting regularly to discuss issues. But when a problem arose I was grateful for the help and practical support given at the grievance hearings, (grievance I had raised against a Councillor). They were able to look at the situation from an independent perspective, keep me calm when the meetings got a little heated (The Councillor not taking kindly to being the subject of the grievance) and helped the Council to find an acceptable solution. If that support had not been available the chances were I would have considered leaving, due to the stress that had been caused; unfortunately, it’s a situation often repeated with other clerks. To me the Union will mean peace of mind, to know that if a need arose they are there fighting for the respect and proper employment practice. But more importantly since the Standards Board for England was dissolved there is a greater need of a body to support Clerks against the bullying some Councillors feel is their right." Paula, Town Clerk, Somerset

“When I needed help it was good to know that the expert help and advice was readily available from the Society.  Going into a Grievance Hearing can be horrible at the best of times but to have the full support of the Society made it much easier and it was pleasing that the Panel upheld my formal complaint against a Councillor for bullying, intimidation and harassment.  I would wholeheartedly recommend contacting the Society if you need advice and support in any employment problems.” Carol, Town Clerk, Suffolk

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