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Constructive Dialogue with NALC

Published 5th October 2017

Your ALCC Chairman and General Secretary met with the Chairman and Chief Executive of the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) in April and again on 19th September.  Those present agreed that a joint statement be issued setting out the current position.
“NALC and ALCC have had two constructive meetings following the establishment of the trade union when SLCC divested its union role, a move NALC supported. As representative bodies for employers and clerks respectively we are committed to having a continuing regular dialogue on issues relating to terms and conditions for clerks in the sector including national agreements, contracts, pay and other conditions.”
In welcoming the agreement to have continuing and regular dialogue Sam Shippen, ALCC Chairman said “I am pleased with the positive nature of our discussions and I look forward to discussing in greater depth in the coming months those issues which I know are of paramount concern to our members.”

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